Green Week: COP26 at Wolfson 18-24 Oct

Join COP26 at Wolfson where they will be running their Green Week  starting on Monday 18th Oct. The week will see discussions and knowledge sharing, across different disciplines and backgrounds. 


About this event

COP26 at Wolfson is a series of events at Wolfson College around COP26.

Starting Mon 18 Oct, this Green Week will see action, discussion and knowledge sharing across different disciplines, backgrounds and ages:

Daily themes include:

18 Oct - Culture

19 Oct - Technology and Nature-Based solutions

20 Oct - Sustainable Development

21 Oct - Human Rights, Policy & Law

22 Oct - Urgency, Action, Ambition & Adaptation

23-24 Oct - Various


Questions include:

How can we make sustainability fair and equitable for all?

What is the role of corporate vs government vs personal responsibility?

What is the role of adaption and mitigation?

How do we limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees?


Note, COP26 at Wolfson extends longer than the Climate Change Festival. Note, there is no recording available.