Towards Zero Carbon transport and communication systems

This presentation will provide an overview of two research works conducted towards greener transport systems and a general overview of greener optical networks.


About this event

The first half of the presentation will introduce our proposed models for local energy storage and driver profile optimisation in DC electric train systems and in the second half we will provide a brief overview of our energy efficient adaptive road signal program model followed by a short demonstration showcasing the effectiveness of the model using the digital twin we developed.

Finally, the presentation will conclude with a note on the ongoing research in energy efficient optical networks.

About the organisers:

Sam Nallaperuma is a postdoctoral researcher at the FOCSLab,  department of engineering, university of Cambridge. Her current research within EPSRC Transnet project includes applications of artificial intelligence and optimisation techniques to improve network performance in terms of efficiency and energy consumption in optical networks. Her collaborative works with the University of Exeter, City Science  and University of Sheffield have contributed in improving energy efficiency in road and rail transport networks. 

Shahin Jalili is a research fellow in the School of Engineering of the University of Aberdeen. He is currently working on the Decom Tools project funded by the European Union, which engages different European partners and stakeholders in the North Sea region to provide innovative logistics, safety, ship design and up-/recycling approaches for offshore wind farm decommissioning. Previously, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Computer Science Department of the University of Exeter, where he was working on the development of intelligent traffic light control systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, costs and risks, and planning for the long-term transport infrastructure of the UK.

Note, there is no recording for this session.